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Audi innovative thinking


Giuseppe Saponaro

Co-founder & COO Jusp

My Innovative Thinking

innovare è cercare, in ciò che già esiste, uno sviluppo differente, che permetta di vedere il mondo, il nostro stesso mondo, con occhi nuovi ed in continuo mutamento.

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The entrepreneurial desire to do business and work in a team is in my DNA.
I like to grow together with my partners, to listen and to learn.

I launched my first initiative in 2008; an e-commerce project offering fashion and designer goods at competitive prices. Based in Lugano, it was sold to a Swiss group.

After gaining some initial work experience, at the end of 2009 I decided to focus on offering a service tailored to companies operating in the fashion world that require bespoke software. Together with Jacopo Vanetti, JC Studio Creative Box was founded.

After 3 years' experience, in 2011 I co-founded Jusp S.p.A. with Stefano Calderano, Jacopo Vanetti and Bruno Spadoni.

In 2011, no one had come up with a Chip & Pin solution that connects directly to mobile devices. Based at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Jusp was founded to find a simple, safe and robust solution that would allow payment transactions to be made by credit card when on the move, to support the business activities of both small and large companies alike.

From its head office at Lake Maggiore in Cagliari, Jusp S.p.A. secured a financial investment worth 6.2 million euro.

As well as the general setup of the company, I was also responsible for the design and implementation of the Jusp 1.0 hardware.

Focusing on supplier selection/management, purchasing, design/certification (EMV1/EMV2/PCI PTS) and production, Jusp has won several awards including the Bully Awards 2013 and the Florin Award 2013, and now employees a staff of 26 based at its head office in Cagliari as well as in Milan.

In December 2014, I co-founded with Carlo Nobili a "Made in Italy" brand of spectacles and sunglasses, which sells directly to Europe, China and Japan.