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Audi innovative thinking


Simone Virginio

Co-founder, product & process development mng.

L’innovazione non è un processo, è uno stato mentale: passione, curiosità, esperienza e conoscenza.

Il mio concetto di innovazione passa attraverso uno sguardo tra le differenti risorse a cui tutti noi possiamo attingere: conoscenza, esperienza e passione. Più le aumentiamo, più possiamo mettere insieme cose diverse che ne generano di nuove. L'anima dell'innovazione è la curiosità per le differenze. Spesso osservando i bambini si vede che generano continuamente innovazione: guardare le cose con occhi puliti dalle nostre convinzioni è l'inizio per generare innovazione.

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N2R LONGBOARD a revolutionary deck! A succesfull crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!

Our dream was to build a revolutionary board developed from "state of art" technologies of top yachts and racing cars. We did it and now we can offer just to passionate skaters something incredibly different: a ground breaking deck, a "life time" board with totally innovative technologies & features, providing real advantages.?


1 - BUILT TO BE INDESTRUCTIBLE our decks are 40% stronger than the ones in fiberglass ones and 70% stronger than the plywood. All details are designed to perfection offering outstanding durability and impressive core shock resistance. These decks are "built for life ". Because of that: we offer a 3 YEARS WARRANTY over structural breaking outperforming the average market that offers between 6 and 12 months warranty.

2 - EASY TO CARRY ON with you because the urban version is 25% LIGHTER than standard LongBoards. Feel it ! Our Urban Board weights 1,6 kg whilst a standard weights foa a 37' is apx. 2KG+. Carry it with you everywhere.

3 - 100% MADE WITH A PROPRIETARY TRICOMPOSITE (KEVLAR + CARBON + FIBER) "INFUTURE" INFUSION TECHNOLOGY USED FOR TOP YACHTS & CAR RACING COMPONENTS. Our Biaxial technologies are developed in collaboration with DIAB, the greatest core production's company, after a 15 year of research and development. This is the reason why you can use our Decks in any situation and load it as much as you want: they are made with high performance sandwich core recyclable material.

4 - OFFERING A UNIQUE STYLE & DESIGN: Our technology give a unique personality and STYLE to our N2R decks that everybody can immediately identify. It's impossible to compare our Decks with others... Be part of this revolution and sustain innovation!

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